300 Words in 30 Days

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Since graduating from Duke in 2017, it has become increasingly clear that the intellectual output required by school is something I thrived on. I love thinking. Some of the difficulties I’ve maintained, however, consist of what I ought to think about and what end that thinking should serve.  As a Christian, I know that whatever I do should be done as working for the Lord (Colossians 3:23). To me, that’s still just a broad direction for mindset, which is good, but I’m still looking to specify that mindset for a particular task.

One task I took on, in pursuit of what that task might be, was dabbling in computer programming of various sorts. I created a new website for the church I serve (fbccuero.org), did some personal projects, and began learning Data Science / Machine Learning. The latter has been particularly enjoyable given my lite Math background and the fact that I’ve always enjoyed spreadsheets and numerical analysis. I’m actually still running on this front and likely will for some time to come.

Another task I’ve frequently wondered about is more frequent writing. I believe studying Philosophy at Baylor gave me a powerful toolset for engaging ideas critically and constructively. Putting words on the internet, however, is never a task I’ve been bold about. Social media is less frightening because it’s like having a conversation in a crowd of people. Posting on a blog has always felt more like standing on a street corner barking at passers-by. On the internet sidewalk, we’re all trying to get somewhere because we’re “really busy,” and we’re probably streaming music while going there anyway, so nobody is really listening.  Sidewalk barkers rarely say anything worth listening to anyway.

Nevertheless, I plan on posting 300 words for 30 consecutive days (minus Sunday). For the next five weeks, I’ll explore what it is I most enjoy verbally exploring, I’ll engage with various articles and books, and perhaps I’ll write things about my personal life (though I don’t foresee that happening frequently). These aren’t meant to be polished writings, but feel free to engage in return.